Building an effective Inbound PR newsroom

Journalists are much more proactive in researching news and companies online. An effective Inbound PR newsroom can put you ahead in the race to get in the media and in front of prospects.

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Why use Inbound PR? - An exclusive interview with HubSpot's Iliyana Stareva

An exclusive interview with HubSpot's Iliyana Stareva about her new book Inbound PR and what the future of the public relations industry looks like

Why Inbound PR?

Inbound PR is the evolution of the public relations industry, making the best use of a business' Earned, Owned and Paid media channels to create rounded and effective campaigns backed by data-driven evaluation to prove ROI

Five things successful Inbound PR agencies do to measure success

Successful Inbound PR consultancies have some key metrics they always measure against. But what are they? And how do they stack up to what your current agency is looking at?

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Top tips to briefing a PR consultancy

The most important thing you can do when looking for a new PR consultancy is to put together a solid and detailed brief - something too many businesses struggle with and fail to. Putting a brief together can be tough if you've never done it before,...

Setting measurable KPIs with your PR consultancy

Setting measurable KPIs with a new PR consultancy is essential for establishing campaign success and failing to do so will only cause problems in the relationship down the road. But how do you go about it?

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Impress your boss with data-driven effective PR measurement

Marketing managers have always found it difficult to show their boss effective PR reporting to justify spending on this activity. Modern PR agencies are making effective reporting much easier with data-driven reports which show exactly how PR...

Get a grip on Google Analytics to measure your PR success

Public relations has always struggled to define its worth, effectiveness and benefits to a business’ bottom line. But new digital measurement tools like Google Analytics means PR pros can now measure web traffic and even track customer conversions...

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