Survival guide: Getting through a B2B Tech PR internship (part 1)

Picture this, you’ve nearly finished university with ambitions of a grade that has you walking down the street with your head high and pep in your step.

Achieving Paid Media and Public Relations Synergy

Public relations (PR) and paid media are often thought of as two entirely separate functions. One – PR – is built on the premise of free ‘earned’ media placements, whereas paid media, as the name suggests, is the

Creating an effective SEO, PR & Content strategy in 2018

For too long SEO, PR and content teams in many agencies have worked in silos - each doing their job well, but never reaching their full potential. Here, Senior SEO and PPC Manager at BFO, Jim Beckham, offers

Where to find your next blog idea in five minutes

Content is king. But planning, executing and analysing content is hard work. Before you even think about starting to write a blog, there’s plenty of work that needs to be done. The worst thing you can do is just

How to prove the value of social media campaigns

It’s safe to say that your company’s social media campaign is linked to the views or behaviour of the decision makers within your business. Typically, they can be categorised into three simple profiles – 1. A social

Marketing productivity tips for busy marketers

For today’s marketers, it’s no longer a question of whether or not they can do something, but rather if they have the time to.

Using LinkedIn for B2B lead generation

LinkedIn is a great place for networking, researching contacts and searching the job market, but how valuable is it as a B2B lead generation tool?

Corporate messaging for B2B Technology Organisations


Keep your corporate message clear, concise and easily understandable. Do it the Ronseal way!  “What is it that your B2B Technology organisation does?” On the surface this should be a simple and innocuous opening

How to write a B2B case study: a practical and straightforward approach

Content Marketing

As a B2B company, how do you maximise your chances of securing new business? In the B2B world, a B2B case study is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate your business’ worth, capability and credibility –

PR can be your B2B Content Generation Machine!

Content Marketing

B2B content generation can be the bane of an Inbound marketer’s life. We all know that content is a vital part of any marketing campaign – but with the volumes of content needed to sustain multiple buyer personas

Content Creation for Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

According to a recent Content Marketing Statistics report from HubSpot, on average, B2B marketers allocate 28% of their total marketing budget to content marketing. A steady stream of fresh, engaging, educational

Are you measuring B2B PR correctly?


With the technology available, measuring B2B PR should no longer be subjective. It should be built upon hard statistics. When it comes to measuring B2B PR campaigns, there is still a lot of scepticism in the eyes