Nine red flags of a poor B2B PR agency

Finding the right B2B PR agency is easy when you know what you want your ‘partner in crime’ to do for your company. When you've never done PR before, or a new to the pitching process it can be a different story

Five things successful Inbound PR agencies do to measure success


Public relations and effective measurement have never been synonymous with each other. Despite having the ability to report on tangible results and prove their ROI through the use of analytics, there remain many in

Use PR to get the most out of a B2B trade event

Trade shows or B2B industry events often split opinion. On one side they are great places to meet potential prospects face-to-face and showcase your business and services in the best light. On the other side they can

A Guide for PR Link Building

Link building is an SEO practice that most SEO experts avoid and hate doing. Most of SEO is highly technical and quantitative (data driven), whereas link building is based on people and you have to be able to build

Top tips to briefing a PR consultancy

So, you’ve started looking for a PR consultancy? It's a big decision to bring in external PR services to a business, but all too often we hear about companies who dive head first into the process without thinking

Setting measurable KPIs with your PR consultancy

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When starting out with a PR consultancy, especially if it’s a new relationship, it is essential to be completely clear on your objectives and agree measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with your account team

Impress your boss with data-driven effective PR measurement

Measurement and evaluation has always been the Achilles heel of the PR industry, especially when it comes to the C Suite and marketing managers trying to justify why they have spent their budget with an agency which,

How to promote and amplify a piece of coverage

Congrats! You’ve just secured a piece of coverage – some earned media and third-party endorsement in a top tier publication. But the good times don’t have to end there. By tying in earned coverage with your owned

How PR and SEO can work together to amplify campaign results

Understanding the importance of domain authority and links in digital PR Public Relations (PR) has a century long history, while search engine optimisation (SEO) has only really come of age in the last decade with

Survival guide: Getting through a B2B Tech PR internship (part 2)

So, six months down at your B2B Tech PR agency as an intern; who would’ve thought it? GO YOU!For some, the first half of the PR internship has either been an absolute walk in the park...

Get a grip on Google Analytics to measure your PR success

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Any PR professional knows the pain of trying to prove their value or success of a campaign. Mounds of coverage and a healthy number of headlines are great, but what exactly has that done for a business? As the media

Survival guide: Getting through a B2B Tech PR internship (part 1)

Picture this, you’ve nearly finished university with ambitions of a grade that has you walking down the street with your head high and pep in your step.