Has there been a better time to be a tech startup?

Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world economy, and investors are lining up to put their money into the next big idea.

At the same time, with so much noise in the marketplace, has it ever been as difficult for a tech startup to get noticed and communicate the benefits it can bring to a business? Especially if you’re at a stage when budgets are limited or heavily scrutinised by investment partners.

But while budgets might be low, implementing a PR campaign as a startup doesn’t mean you should expect low impact and limited coverage.

If anything, you can afford to be more creative with your campaigns. The fact you likely don’t have the long approval processes and internal struggles of a larger business means you can be more agile and responsive to the fast-paced media.

Whether it’s defining your messaging, building media profiles for your senior team, building brand awareness in the press or preparing your company for its next round of funding, we’ll work to understand your business objectives and come up with a campaign that meets your specific needs.


What we do for startups:


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Every startup and entrepreneur has a story to tell, and journalists love startups. We’ll help you get your story in front of the right journalists so you can start to build your company profile and boost your visibility.





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Journalists don’t do jargon. We’ll help you create a message that gets through to your customers and prospects while getting you noticed by journalists. We explain your USP in a way that excites people, not confuses them.




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How do you get journalists interested in you? Simple - stop selling and start telling the story of the problem your business aims to solve. Explain why you’re different to everyone else in the market and who you are as a business. If you’ve got a good story, journalists will care about it!




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Want to know how you stack up against your competition? Our analytics tools can help you understand how you stack up against the competition in the eyes of the media and how PR can give you an advantage. 




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Whether you’re looking for seed funding or approaching Series A or beyond, we’ll help you build a reputation as a business investors should pay attention to and help you raise your profile in time for those important funding rounds.




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As a fast-growing startup, you have enough to worry about without the concern of creating content to get prospects and journalists interested in you. Our team of journalists and writers can take the strain away and deliver content on time and on message.






“As a new website and new market offering it was essential that we built a strong SEO foundation from which we could plan and achieve future business growth. ITPR were able to achieve this through their mix of solid content creation, SEO knowledge and ability to earn links in our key media.”


Founder, Appstractor





Appstractor worked with us to increase their online visibility. We generated 20 pieces of coverage for the company, as well as 400 landing page visits and 50+ new qualified leads for them. 

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Volta needed to make their name in a crowded London market, we secured over 8500+ new website visitors from London with 20% of new website visits from social media. 

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You'll chat briefly about your business, your goals and your challenges - and we'll arrange a further call if you think we might be a good fit for you. It’s your call!

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