Launching an international business in the UK


Businesses today are not restricted by traditional boundaries or geographical territories any longer - especially in B2B Tech.

If an audience has a problem that technology can solve, then it doesn’t matter where in the world you call ‘home’ - what matters is whether the technology can do the job.

Even if you don’t have international locations as part of your own business, partner networks and supply chains allow businesses to have a global reach. Having an international footprint is great for sales and it can be a challenge for marketing, but what does it mean for PR? 

Successful international PR campaigns depend on how much you are willing to invest (time and effort, not necessarily money) and what results you are measuring to determine value.


What are the options for International PR?

You can have your in-house communications team manage an international PR partner network of consultancies; you could manage a network of international freelancers; or you could distribute news internationally from your home territory. 

Before deciding, ask yourself what you want to achieve?

Our experience covers all three of these scenarios. Each approach has its pros and cons, but each one can deliver value that aligns with the goals of the business.


Choose an international PR campaign that suits your business:





Pro’s - Expert local knowledge. Proactive campaigns.Consistent messaging. Support’s Sales & Marketing. Comparative results.

Cons - Most expensive option. Resource intensive. Requires dedicated management time for each geography.








Pro’s - Expert local knowledge. Good value.Campaign based. Flexible services. Support’s Sales & Marketing.  

Cons - Intermittent results. Reactive campaigns. Resources still need management time. Requires clear and consistent messaging for each territory.






Pro’s - Least cost option. Guaranteed coverage. Support’s Sales & Marketing. Little or no time needed for local management. 

Cons - Reliant on news, so the impact can be sporadic. Doesn’t build a consistent brand presence. No option for Thought Leadership.  





What are the key issues with an International PR campaign?

Launching an international PR campaign is not a decision that should be taken lightly. For the most part they require a significant investment of time and resources. This means that international PR campaigns will come under scrutiny when it comes to measuring impact.

So before you set out on an international PR programme, we have provided a few factors that need to be considered, and which are different from running just a UK centric PR programme:

  • Don’t overstretch, spend where it matters - make sure you have the resources to dedicate to each target territory. Be this time, money or content. If you don’t have ample resources, then focus in on a region where it will have the most impact, measure the results, then start to expand once the method is proven.
  • Don’t just rehash, make sure you rethink - successful international PR campaigns tailor their content for each target audience. Don’t just take what worked in your home market and expect it to work in a different territory. Localisation is important.
  • Don’t buy a dog and then bark for it - listen to the knowledge and insight from local PR partners or freelancers. If they suggest a different approach you have to be flexible and confident enough to trust their guidance.
  • Don’t expect overnight results, you need to build a profile - you might be a big name in your home market, but in a new territory you have to build your reputation all over again. This takes time and tenacity.


Don’t try and do it all from the outset!

Very few businesses can afford a comprehensive PR programme across all target territories. Consider your most important and lucrative markets first. Put most effort into these key territories initially and put a smaller spend into the less valuable territories. Look at a combination of smaller local agencies and some direct outreach into the less valuable markets.

Spend your money wisely across the markets that count!

And get some advice! We have done this for many companies over many years, we can advise on spreading your budget thickly where it matters and thinly where it will have less direct impact.   


“From the outset the ITPR team has always worked to understand our total brand and marketing efforts and to connect the regional story to our global brand and marketing strategy.”


Vice President of Marketing | Sailthru





Invu wanted a campaign that raised their profile across target verticals, we achieved 36 press clippings as well as regular placement of thought leadership articles in VIP media targets. 

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Volta compressed



Volta needed to make their name in a crowded London market, we secured over 8500+ new website visitors from London with 20% of new website visits from social media. 

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