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The technology needed to support accountants and finance teams is constantly changing.

Modern accountancy is much more than just crunching numbers and filing spreadsheets - it’s about adding value. Accounting and finance technology must now help finance teams collaborate, work on the move, deal with increasingly challenging client demands and satisfy the needs of a younger workforce that expect to use the latest technology in their jobs.

All this within a sector that is steeped in tradition and in which trust, credibility and reputation are everything.

Over the years, we have worked with accounting technology companies of all sizes with software geared towards invoice processing and payments, document management, tax, budget holder management, accounts payable and the complete purchase-to-pay process.


B2B Accounting FinTech PR campaigns

Working with your team, we’ll take the time to understand your business’ goals and pain points to build and deliver a campaign that meets them. Many accounting and finance systems are highly sophisticated and geared towards specific processes and functions within finance teams.

It’s important to us to understand the technical aspects of your software, so we take the time to make sure we understand what gives your software the edge over your competitors.

This depth of understanding will aid our team to create thought leadership that strikes a chord with your target audience and key stakeholders in your sector. Expertly crafted content helps to raise brand awareness through creative campaigns, it also feeds into your wider marketing efforts, meaning we can create campaigns that meet - and exceed - your goals.


Media and reputation management

Our media relations experts have spent years developing relationships with journalists in the accountancy and finance press - securing top tier media coverage for our clients. 

We’ll work with you to boil down your key sales proposition into a language journalists will understand and relate to. Only then can we help get your message across to the media and start building your reputation - not just as a thought leader, but as the solution to your potential prospects' and customers’ problems. 


Building trust and credibility 

Accounting and FinTech has undergone a revolution in recent years. Clients demand speed, accuracy and collaboration, and the need to stay on top of regulations and compliance requirements has heaped on the pressure for businesses of all sizes.

We can help you build a reputation as a company who not only understands these challenges, but can help to overcome them.

By introducing you to the right journalists and creating a media profile through regular content creation and distribution, you’ll be the go-to source for the information that keeps journalists and your customers coming back for more.


Successful Accounting FinTech PR campaigns are built on:





From e-invoicing; purchase-to-pay software to AI and blockchain, the accounting and finance sector is embracing some of the most innovative technology being developed.

Our PR team has been delivering result based campaigns for over a decade that have built trust and generated new business for our clients.





accounting tech prSTORY TELLING

Accounting and Finance isn't always the sexiest of subjects, which is why PR campaigns need an injection of creativity and expertise to be successful.

Our PR consultants combine trending topics with your company messaging to create campaigns aimed at delivering powerful, tangible results within your target market.






Accounting and the FinTech is a sector where journalists have built their knowledge over a long period of time, becoming experts in their own right. 

We have built our relationships with influential finance journalists and publications over time, developing our own knowledge and reputation. This expertise helps us build campaigns that will be published global accounting bodies to get your message in front of your target audience.



“From the outset the ITPR team has always worked to understand our total brand and marketing efforts and to connect the regional story to our global brand and marketing strategy.”


Vice President of Marketing | Sailthru





Invu wanted a campaign that raised their profile across target verticals, we achieved 36 press clippings as well as regular placement of thought leadership articles in VIP media targets. 

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Volta compressed



Volta needed to make their name in a crowded London market, we secured over 8500+ new website visitors from London with 20% of new website visits from social media. 

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You'll chat briefly about your business, your goals and your challenges - and we'll arrange a further call if you think we might be a good fit for you. It’s your call!

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