Thought Leadership PR

Thought leadership is an essential part of any business growth strategy, especially in B2B markets.

If your prospects are looking for new products or services, they will be doing their own research online. 

What are they looking for? 

What we all look for in business, when we have problems to solve, are people that we can trust for advice. People who understand our business and who have solved problems for other businesses like ours. Building trust and showing expertise and understanding is what Thought Leadership is all about. 

 Suppliers that can provide insightful, engaging and educational content that helps solve problems will stand out from the crowd. This content will explain that they understand the market, that they have the vision to appreciate where the industry is headed and the types of problems that businesses are encountering.

Trust in that business’ spokespeople - their subject matter experts - is a key factor in winning over the prospect and building trust. This leads all validates that you have a tried and tested solution or product that has helped other organisations like them.

Thought leadership should be a key part of any PR programme to  build the reputation of your business, and your key spokespeople, as a reliable source of information and industry commentary, to help you engage with and influence the senior decision makers in your industry.

Thought leadership driven PR has the extra advantage of adding authority and credibility to your business’ standing, as editorial media coverage is seen as more reliable and independent than just content on your company’s website or social media channels.

How to write for the media compressed

How to write for the media

Writing for the media can be daunting for a business, especially when your understanding of what they are looking for is unclear. Focussing on your audience, knowing what a good news story looks like, and ensuring the structure of your content meets the requirements of your target media, will get you on your way to increasing your coverage.  


Thought Leadership Content

Content for thought leadership comes in many formats whether it’s by-lined articles from your CEO or  comments in the media from your spokespeople, as part of a PR campaign; or research reports which take a detailed look at your industry and give your views on its  main challenges; or blogs and articles which seek to answer your prospects questions.

With the right content driving your thought leadership strategy you can put your business in front of your prospects and position yourself as a reliable, trustworthy and relevant source of information, as you raise your profile in your industry.

By creating thought leadership content that resonates with your audience you increase your chances of influencing their future purchasing decisions and ensure you are front of mind when it comes to starting their buyer journey.


Thought Leadership for Lead Generation

Today, a prospect is more likely to come across your company online while researching a problem or industry topic.

Content, coupled with a solid PR thought leadership strategy can not only increase your media profile and brand authority, it can also feed into your wider lead generation campaigns as the content required for thought leadership can make great sales and marketing collateral for your website.

Thought leadership content can also play into your SEO strategy and help to drive your search visibility efforts. Using PR, you can build a campaign to earn legitimate, high domain authority links to your website from other credible websites and increase the chances of your business being found first on Google.


How we help you become a thought leader

Being seen as a thought leader doesn’t happen overnight.

We take the time to understand your business, your industry and your customers to ensure that the campaigns and content we produce can sustain a consistent media presence to establish your team as industry experts.

We work with you to understand your key buyer personas and audience and target the main media influencers in your sector to help you build better relationships with them and your key stakeholders.

Once we understand the challenges and problems faced by your customers and how your business supports them, we use this information to build your campaign’s key themes and messages. This ensures we are producing content that is interesting and guaranteed to be useful to your audience.

We can work with your existing spokespeople, or help you identify the best candidates in your company to put forward, and start to build their profiles in your key media through interviews and comment opportunities.

Learn how to get your blogging off the ground with our eBook, as well as receive templates that you can use!

When the foundations are in place we produce thought leadership content that will not only earn you media coverage and links back to your website, but will be viewed by your audience as different, insightful, educational and useful. This flow of content forms the spine of our campaign to build and enhance your reputation.

Using digital analytics and website measurement tools we constantly review and measure the impact of our work on your business’ performance, whether this is increasing web visits through organic or referral traffic, generating new contacts and leads or assessing your company’s reputation over time.


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