Retail Directions engages ITPR to boost its brand presence after successful UK trial

Global retail management software specialist, Retail Directions, engages ITPR to boost its brand presence in the UK Retail Technology media

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ITPR to provide B2B Tech PR in Manchester

Specialist B2B Tech PR Agency opens for business in Manchester as part of it's strategic growth plans.

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Implementing Inbound PR

Learn how to plan, implement and measure an effective Inbound PR  campaign in just eight steps. Give your Earned media efforts some much needed spark. 

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Why yesterday’s PR skills don’t hack it in a Digital PR world

Digital PR campaigns require a whole new skill set including content marketing, analytics and PPC.

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Advertising Value Equivalent - Why? And what is the alternative?

Advertising Value Equivalent has long hindered the PR industry but the outdated measurement could be finally on the way out

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ITPR Management Buyout from Huble Digital Group

UK B2B technology PR consultancy, ITPR, announces that it has completed a management buyout (MBO) from digital business consultancy, Huble Digital.

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How we would spend your PR budget

What should I budget for PR? In this blog we outline an example PR campaign with a budget of approx. £35k a year

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Digital PR and use of video on the rise

Digital PR is on the rise with spend prioritised for video and paid social. Here's our key takeaways from the PRCA's Digital PR and Communications report

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How does PR culture equate to PR success?

A happy team makes a successful campaign, but how exactly? Find out what you should be looking for PR culture-wise when it comes to picking your agency.

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