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A week with itpr – An introduction to the world of PR and Marketing

by itpr News on 19/05/15 17:49


With one last summer ahead of me before I embark on my degree in PR & Marketing at Leeds Beckett University, I jumped at the chance to join the itpr and The B2B Marketing Lab team for a week to see what PR & Marketing was like outside of the textbooks.

This past week I have been playing the role of a PR rookie, trying to get my head around the vast world of PR and thoroughly enjoying the hustle and bustle of daily working life learning various aspects of the demanding PR role.  Although my brain is partially frazzled and my feet are sore from becoming lost whilst travelling around the city, here are some of the interesting things I have enjoyed during my week with itpr.

Office environment

The first-hand experience of being present in the office environment and seeing the day-to-day activities of the itpr and The B2B Marketing Lab teams has been a real benefit. After an overwhelming start, I have been very appreciative of the opportunities to gain insight into the different elements of PR and Marketing. The week consisted of 1:1 sessions with various members of the itpr team and The B2B Marketing Lab teams and being asked to complete a range of tasks such as press release drafting, industry news tracking and helping to create a client list for a journalist networking event. Members of The B2B Marketing Lab team provided an introduction into Social Media and how this is used for promotion plus an introduction into brand design.

The City

Living in Hertfordshire, the only experience I have of London is going on mammoth shopping sprees in Oxford Circus or getting lost around a Westfield shopping centre. So, somewhat not being the typical tourist, I soon fell in love with the outstanding views of the River Thames, Tower Bridge and beyond during my commute from Blackfriars station.

The Team

It might seem a bit like a canned comment but The itpr and B2B Marketing Lab teams are a lovely bunch. They have all taken time out to show me the different elements of PR and Marketing, which has given me a wealth of knowledge and a lot more understanding of both disciplines. The guidance of the team to coach me through the daily working tasks has been invaluable.

A Final Thought...

By having this week-long experience I have been able to get a brief insight into my future and what my PR degree at University might have in store for me. It has definitely instilled in me that PR is something I want to pursue and I am really looking forward to the journey ahead. I have enjoyed spending a week in what my future life could be like, which is always a bonus.

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