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Why do I need a new elevator pitch?

Posted by Bob Dearsley

02/04/15 15:19


At the start of a new financial year, as you are starting your new plans for the coming year, it is a great time to ‘dust off’ your messaging and corporate descriptors and give them a spring clean!

Everything that happens in business is in ‘fast forward’. Your messaging and your business both move onwards at great pace. While most organisations focus hard to move the business on, many forget to move the messaging forward in tandem, so that it reflects the changing business plan.


Topics: PR

itpr Christmas Jumper Day – Get your woolly on!

Posted by ITPR News

10/12/14 13:59

ChristmasJumperBy now the decorations are up, we’ve all been making a list and checking it twice! The countdown to the holidays is merrily ticking by and there is no denying that deadlines are beginning to loom and the pressure to get projects complete before the mulled wine is cracked open begins to mount. So to bring a little Christmas cheer into the itpr London office we are taking part in Christmas Jumper Day 2015 on Friday 12th December.


Topics: News

Successfully Launching US Technology Start-ups in the UK

Posted by ITPR News

05/12/14 10:36

The_Great_Tech_Awards_logo1Last month we took the opportunity to attend The GREAT Tech Awards Roundtable to hear from companies who have crossed the pond to take advantage of the growing UK technology industry. We have personal experience of introducing US technology companies into the UK and that are looking to make a ‘splash’ in the UK media – excuse the pun – so we were keen to attend to hear one of our clients, Sailthru, take part in the discussions.


Topics: News, Technology

Top 3 Tips to Help Increase Leads from your Website

Posted by ITPR News

18/11/14 16:16

10stepsBlogNot so long ago people were picking up the phone when they considered buying something from you. Today, however, by the time you are on a call or meet with a possible customer – 50% to 70% of the sales cycle has already been completed.

What does that mean for you and your business?

The traditional phone call or meeting now acts as a simple reassurance tool, confirming in the mind of the potential buyer whether their research and selection is well judged. With that in mind, we have put together 10 easy to follow steps to prepare your website so that it helps to generate leads and ultimately, to make sure that when people are ready to make that all important phone call, it’s you they’re calling.


Topics: Lead generation

LinkedIn – A valuable B2B lead generation tool.

Posted by ITPR News

10/11/14 16:55


LinkedIn is a great place for networking, researching contacts and searching the job market, but it also has true value as a B2B lead generation tool.

In September, The Daily Telegraph posted a video of LinkedIn Executive Editor, Daniel Roth, where he discusses LinkedIn’s publishing platform and competition on Bloomberg TV. In the video Roth discussed LinkedIn’s influencer programme and how it has been opened up to give every LinkedIn member the ability to write and publish content on LinkedIn, how it rates this content and some insight into the algorithms behind creating content.


Topics: Lead generation

Content Generation: Beware of the Content Monster

Posted by ITPR News

29/10/14 13:32


Content generation is the biggest monster an Inbound Marketer faces. It sucks the life blood out of your busy staff, replaces the brains of your most witty and creative folk with its poisonous ‘writers block’ and evokes procrastination disorders such as psychotic desk cleaning hysteria as individuals put off writing that blog!

So where should marketers turn to rid themselves of this non-stop, all consuming, time draining nightmare that is content?


Topics: Inbound Marketing, PR

#Inbound14 – The keynote highlights that have stuck with me one month on.

Posted by Matthew Creswick

23/10/14 09:53


September saw us attend our third annual HubSpot Inbound Marketing Conference – Inbound14 – and continues to grow year on year with HubSpot taking over the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre for four days, supported by five keynote speakers and over 170 educational sessions.

It’s now over a month since Inbound14. The jet lag has passed; we have recovered from the after hours ‘social networking’ and have had time to re-invigorate the rest of the team with the bucket loads of enthusiasm and excitement for the new updates we discovered at the event.


Topics: Inbound Marketing, HubSpot

Have You Considered What Could be Missing From Your Inbound Marketing puzzle?

Posted by Bob Dearsley

15/10/14 15:54


Bob Dearsley, Chief Executive, itpr and The B2B Marketing Lab, has recently been discussing how marketers’ can complete their Inbound Marketing puzzle – with some help from PR – in Fresh Business Thinking.

Growing numbers of businesses are attracted by the real time nature of Inbound Marketing activity combined with unprecedented access to metrics, analytics and accurate, detailed measurement of ROI.


Topics: News

Do you own Apple products?

Posted by Bob Dearsley

10/10/14 16:06


Rupert Neate of The Guardian takes this week’s itpr top technology story award for his report on how Apple has taken the title as most valuable brand, ahead of Google and Coca-Cola. The Silicon Valley firm, which is already the world’s biggest company – with a stock market valuation of $591bn – saw its brand value increase by 21% over the past 12 months, according to the closely followed Interbrand Best Global Brands annual report. Apple, which former chief executive Steve Jobs founded in his Los Altos garage 38 years ago, first appeared in the top 10 of the Interbrand annual study just three years ago.

In case you missed them, we’ve also included below a brief break down of the other top UK technology news stories that have made it onto our ‘must-read’ list this week:


Topics: Top Tech News

The Great Debate - Do I Need to Make the Switch to HTTPS?

Posted by ITPR News

07/10/14 16:37


In August Google announced that they would be giving a “lightweight” ranking boost to secure sites. By ‘secure sites’ Google is referring to the encryption that can be applied on a website that protects the personal details a visitor has provided in order to make a purchase or subscribe for a service.

Google keeps the details of its algorithm under lock and key, but the reason behind this latest change is explained in a blog post at Google Webmaster Central. Google stresses that security is a top priority for them due to the investment in using industry-leading security, such as strong HTTPS encryption. Beyond its own product offering, the team behind Google believe that HTTPS encryption is a step-forward in the goal of making the Internet a safer place.


Topics: Technology

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