Neglect your Owned media at your peril

In order to raise brand awareness, Inbound PR campaigns need to engage with all communication channels available – including your own!

Owned media refers to any kind of communication channel or platform under your control – think your website, blog, social media accounts, video or newsletters.

When it comes to creating content for your Owned media channels, have you considered how your PR programme can support this media channel? The following tactics should all be used within a well thought out media engagement strategy.

Market Research
Create an authoritative, in-depth report on specific industry topics or issues to demonstrate your standing as a thought leader in your sector.
Inform, engage and entertain your audience with a well-researched eBook offering advice on an industry topic or highlighting your services.
Case Studies
Demonstrate previous client success to prove your business’ value to existing customers and grow your industry reputation as a provider of quality products and services.
Social Media  
Boost your owned content by promoting it across social media. Amplifying your content through social media can get you noticed by even bigger audiences
Blog articles
Fill your website with engaging and interesting blogs to demonstrate your knowledge and keep your audience and prospects coming back.

The aim of using your Owned media channels is to drive interested visitors to your website, all the while abiding by and improving SEO best practice and search engine ranking. Ultimately however, you need to be providing valuable information so that your website visitors learn more about your business, your offerings and move from visitors into leads and are then nurtured further down the funnel.

The content produced for your Owned media channels can filter into your Earned and Paid media channels - creating consistency and generating greater value.

Where Earned media content is picked up and edited to fit a story or angle by a journalist or blogger, posting content through your Owned media channels allows you to publish 100% unmediated, unedited material.

This allows you to be more direct in your messaging, target specific buyer personas and pain points, and promote products and solutions in more detail than you can through Earned media.


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“Owned media requires a specialised and detailed strategy for B2B content to effectively reach, engage and satisfy your potential customers.”

Bob Dearsley, Chief Executive, ITPR


Are you in control of your content?

Content is the backbone of an Inbound PR campaign – especially when considering your Owned media channels. Not just from an engagement level, but the frequency at which Owned media needs to be generated can soon overwhelm even the most enthusiastic of communications professional.

Managing an Owned media campaign without the know-how and support of a dedicated B2B content creation team is difficult, time-consuming and can result in an ineffective campaign.

The B2B content on your Owned media channels needs to be informative, interesting and engaging for the reader - your buyer - which is why at ITPR, we have built a dedicated team of content creators of the brightest minds and experienced writers. These include ex- and current journalists that have the breadth and depth of industry expertise needed to produce a successful Owned media campaign.

The ITPR team has built an extensive knowledge of B2B technologies over 20+ years as well as specialised expertise in a wide range of vertical markets.

To ensure the extensive knowledge of B2B technology remains at the highest quality, every piece of ITPR content created is overseen a dedicated Head of Content to ensure that message, tone of voice and branding is consistent with the original brief.



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This case study highlights how we helped our client boost its brand awareness using an Earned & Owned media campaign.

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What People Say

  • “On the day-to-day account running the team work is always above and beyond expectations, and they are on hand to address any questions we have and provide best practice advice. The quality of content continues to be of the highest standard – carefully balancing brand messaging and addressing industry issues to create engaging content.”
    Katharine Hulls.PNG

    Katharine Hulls

    VP Marketing | Celebrus Technologies

  • “ITPR has demonstrated a great track record of successful media relations which has bolstered Invu’s thought leadership voice in the vertical sectors we work in. For us, it is important that our PR activity reflects our business goals and ITPR's ability to address and meet these demands is testament to the benefits of PR.”

    Rob Thompson

    Marketing Manager | Invu

  • “ITPR identifies and delivers the right opportunities and helps us to drive awareness with the right journalists and publications so that there is a true understanding of what information we can provide, rather than just focusing on ‘who we are’.

    “The team have an excellent understanding of digital media and know how to create a plan that has the right mix of coverage, content, commentary and speaking opportunities so that it’s a total thought leadership approach – where each lever drives success.”

    Jason Grunberg

    Director of Content Marketing & Public Relations | Sailthru