PR can fuel your website content creation 

Your website meets your prospects before you do! It’s a well used phrase, but the fact remains that your website is often the first point a potential prospects engages with your business to find out more about your services, who you are and your experience.  

Your prospects are conducting research; reading your blogs, eBooks, case studies, opinion articles, reviews and other pieces of content to learn more about their particular issue and find out how your businesses can help.

To attract, retain and convert website visitors, your website needs to include high-quality content that not only addresses the problems your visitors have, but also reflects your business’ position and proposition in the most effective and concise fashion so that website visitors understand just what it is you do. Just like you are doing now.

Who better to create website content than your PR consultancy?

Any PR consultancy worth its salt will invest time into understanding your business’ messaging and what you want to communicate to your audience. They also know how to position your business to generate interest that gains exposure in the press, which leads to increased awareness and authority.

The content created by your PR consultancy – opinion articles, news article comments, case studies, market research, blogs etc. – can all be used to generate interest in your website. Rather than investing time and effort to create an article that is published once and then starts to lose value - why not reuse that content on your website to engage another audience, be amplified via your social media channels to deliver more visits back to your website and ultimately deliver more value.


Let your audience hear your opinion on current affairs and topics of interest through blog creation that not only advises the reader, but is search engine optimised in line with the latest best practice to boost your overall website ranking.

Case Studies

Share examples of your client successes or product use through a carefully constructed case study that showcases how you have helped your customers. Including comments from your customers reassures readers that you have proven expertise.

Press Releases

Whether it's a new business partnership, new insights into the marketplace, new product announcement, series funding, or an award/ success - our press release creation will enable you to get your news noticed by your target media outlets.

Market Research

When looking to understand your audience more, our market research creation allows you to map out your industry focussed playing field and gives you a unique insight into your target market.


Offer your prospects and customers expert advice in an easy to read format that identifies the key challenges in your industry, which stems from researched topics that are relevant to the reader.

Thought Leadership

Build your company profile and add value to your business leaders exterior profile by identifying the key trends in your industry and then responding to them through expertly crafted content.

Sounds great - but how can it be done?

Leveraging your PR consultancy to fuel your website content creation is not as straightforward as it sounds and requires a solid understanding of search engine optimisation best practice. Every web page, blog post, social media post can drive targeted traffic to your website, increase your visibility on search engine results pages, and raise your business’ online profile.

Optimising your content for specific keywords – keywords your target audience use to find businesses like yours online - increases your website’s exposure continues to improve its ranking on search engine results pages.

Creating new website content can be a value added service of your PR consultancy, providing they understand search engine optimisation to a point where they can advise you on  the best content creation strategy and the target keywords relevant to your industry. Your website is a media platform you own, so make the most of it to educate and advise your potential prospects.

Our Inbound PR specialists and content creators are experienced in taking existing PR collateral - opinion articles, blogs, market research, case studies etc. - and using that for future website content creation or optimising any new content assets for search in the process.

The end result is that you have regular content being published to your website that is not only consistent with your business’ messaging and positioning – but content that continues to deliver results and attract the right audience long after it has appeared in your target media publication.