B2B Content Creation

B2B content creation is, in principle, the production of compelling content for your website or the channels which it supports. It should be educational, and structured in a way which will engage the reader directly.

Understanding the buyer personas for your website is key in determining the type and style of content that is required.

Content creation is in itself part of the day to day activities that itpr undertakes on behalf of all of its clients, helping to identify the different, the unusual, and facilitating the creation of ‘angles’ which will allow a journalist or a reader to identify closely with that piece of content. It’s important to understand how the content relates to the reader and why it captures the interest of a particular buyer persona.

All of our content creation is undertaken by professional writers, all of whom have considerable expertise in business to business markets, as well as in a range of vertical markets, especially including technology. Whatever your content creation requirements may be, we will have a writer with experience, knowledge and understanding with the capability to deliver quality content that will engage your readers, build interest and move them towards engagement. Our content creation services include web copy, blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, tweet banks, linked in profiles.

B2B Blogging Services

B2B Blogging

The importance and relevance of blogs has grown dramatically over the last few years. You should no longer think of blogs as the outpourings of an individual, but think of them more in terms of what Google is looking for and indexes on a daily basis.

Think instead of blogs as website content created ‘on the fly’, as you discover a new search term, a new concept or a new idea emerges, that you think businesses are likely to be looking for. A blog is a way to quickly produce relevant, specific content that will allow you to engage the reader, and more importantly will allow Google to ‘get’ that you understand this specific topic area.

The power of the blog is based around brevity and clarity. A blog can be any length but we would recommend 300-500 words. It should be a consumable snack, it is not a diatribe - save this for the creation of an eBook on a particular topic area and use the blog to set the scene so that the reader wants more and is therefore keen to subscribe to your blog or to respond to a CTA. All blogs will be expected to finish with a CTA to request further information in some fashion. Just like this one!

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