B2B Technology PR

B2B Technology PR is always changing. New trends come and go and technology has changed the way in which people engage and communicate. Over the last two decades we have seen a considerable change in technology and methods of communication. 

However, while digital communication has affected the way in which B2B Technology PR consultancies operate, one fundamental aspect of B2B Technology PR campaigns remains the same: create clear thought leadership content on behalf of clients, even when it may appear that there is no clear thought leader in the business. 

The game may have changed, but our ambition and success in creating clear thought leadership on behalf of our clients has not. Instead it has been strengthened through the use of search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital PR expertise.

There is a huge onus on your business to create high-quality content that is engaging and compelling, helping you to drive customers and prospects to your website and investigate your business. As a result, content creation skills and the amplification of that content through a B2B Technology PR campaign can provide business benefits and additional value.

But this isn't about doing something once, giving each other a high-five, and then moving onto the next thing. Re-purposing and redistributing your content is the key to getting the most value out of it. Through a B2B Technology PR campaign, you can amplify your content across a range of print, digital, social and video channels, allowing you to build your presence online, cultivate your business' profile and ultimately generate sales.


What Can We Help You With?

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Targeted Media Outreach

You don't need vanity PR - you need targeted media coverage in the publications that your prospects and customers read. We focus our engagement on the key media verticals that you are targeting as a business, aligning the campaign with your marketing and sales activity.

The Power of Regular Blogging

Your blog should be a powerful tool to demonstrate to your customers that you understand the challenges they face. It can also have a tremendous impact on your SEO performance and website domain authority. We'll make sure your blog is informative, educational and, most importantly, frequently updated with quality content.

SEO at the Heart of your Content

The impact of SEO on all content creation cannot be ignored - and PR is not excluded. Content on your website should not be staccato and difficult to read, but it should stick to the SEO principles of how Google reads your website content. We'll work with you to define your keywords and then create fresh new content from the ground up.
Isn’t this what you want?

An honest partner that has the success of your business at the heart of what they do?

Our talent does not solely lie in securing excellent media coverage. We help maximise your investment by ensuring that your B2B Technology PR campaign has a role to play throughout your whole sales and marketing activity. In addition to providing media coverage and obtaining interviews, we support your capacity to write fun and engaging blog posts, help you to manage your social media activity, and also provide expertly written downloadable content for your website marketing activity. 

Wait… there’s more!

Working in B2B Technology, we are techies by nature - so we make sure that all the content we produce for your website is search engine optimised! Today, good B2B Technology PR support is so much more than just media coverage; it is necessary to have a skilled team of content creators and curators who have expertise in all the latest digital disciplines. We have ex-journalists, copywriters, digital analysts and marketing experts on our team to make sure that we have your content needs covered.

Press releases are not dead!

But if that is all you have, we should talk! You are going to need lots of help!

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Top tips for briefing your new PR Consultancy

Whether you are considering a change from your existing agency or engaging with a PR Consultancy for the first time, getting the brief right is vital to getting off on the right foot and for laying the foundation for a long and sustainable partnership.


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