Our social media experts can reduce your workload

When you get a great piece of coverage, you want the world to know. But managing an array of social media accounts on a day-to-day basis can be a time-consuming process without the support of a committed social media agency. When done right, B2B social media management can help you grow an audience of interested parties for you to regularly promote your content to. 

ITPR is a dedicated B2B social media agency, and our team of social media specialists can assist you by promoting your B2B content on the most effective platforms. Our social media management services include:

Development of Tweet Banks

A pre-approved series of Tweets on a particular topical subject, scheduled by our B2B social media team to be published when your target audience is watching.

Creation of new blog posts

Creating engaging, informative online content which educates and entertains, and can be published through your social media channels to reach your target audience.

LinkedIn posts & group discussions

LinkedIn is the place to be to reach business professionals. From company updates, to LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn is a great channel to communciate with your target audience. We can help manage the posting of company and personal accounts to increase how many people you reach online.

Management of busy spokespeople

We appreciate that your founders and C-level Executives may not have time to keep their social media channels full with a constant stream of news and thought leadership. We have some fantastic processes in place to grow the audience of your spokespeople in the tone and manner required.

Increasing your Facebook reach

It's harder than ever to build an organic audience on Facebook due to its latest algorithm updates. However, there's plenty you can do and lots of tools you can utilise to reach your target audience.

Latest trends for B2B Marketing

Social media is an ever-changing arena. From MySpace and Facebook all the way through to Instagram and Snapchat, we're keeping an eye on what works, especially for B2B markets - and can help you decide where you should focus your efforts in the social world.