What is Paid media?

The shift from traditional media to digital media has created new PR opportunities to promote your business, amplify your services and maximise your spend beyond an Earned and Owned media strategy.

With Inbound PR, no single approach (Earned, Owned or Paid media) operates in isolation. Getting the best value is achieved by taking your Earned and Owned media content and using it for a Paid media campaign to boost your organic messaging even further. Getting your business or brand in front of a bigger, more targeted audience.

Whether it’s creating sponsored banner advertisements on a media website to promote a piece of content on your website, or amplifying the social media posts of a piece of Earned media coverage, Paid media goes beyond the confines of an individual newspaper article and expands the borders of your website or organic social media.


How does Paid media fit into an Inbound PR campaign?

Using Paid media alongside your Earned and Owned content amplification can be extremely successful for generating new visitors to your website, ultimately increasing your visibility within your target industries and engaging potential prospects.



Make it easier for audiences to find your Earned media coverage or Owned content by driving more interest to your brand or website. Make the most of your organic messaging and Inbound PR results by pushing your content beyond the traditional PR boundaries.

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Use an Inbound PR campaign to create compelling content across your different campaign channels and convert your new audience into prospects with a consistent flow of informative content and authoritative media exposure.

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PR is no longer just about media and reputation management. When used as part of an overall multi-channel Inbound PR campaign, you can generate more leads for your sales team to turn into customers.

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While traditional PR may have been about getting media coverage and moving on, Inbound PR is about giving your audience on-going comment via interesting content to keep your brand in the conversation.

LinkedIn Sponsored updates

Using sponsored updates, your business can target users based on interest, job title, industry etc. and deliver links directly to your website.

If you're creating impact through Earned media by securing features on authoritative websites, or regularly publishing insightful blogs on your Owned media channels, Paid media promotion can be effective for your overall Inbound PR goals.

Promoting popular tweets

If you have a tweet which is performing particularly well, investing in Paid media promotion can be an effective strategy for amplifying that tweet to an even larger audience - expanding your business’s reach and visibility.

In an Inbound PR campaign, this is particularly true if your Earned media efforts are seeing you placed in some national or well-respected trade titles.

Facebook ads

B2B audiences continue to gravitate towards Facebook so like it or loath it, your business needs to be where your prospects and customers are.

Take the content generated for your Earned and Owned media, and use it for targeted Facebook advertising as part of a Paid media campaign. When supplied with the right content options, Facebook adverts can create sustained website visitor growth and a flow of new leads as part of your overall Inbound PR campaign.


What People Say

  • “On the day-to-day account running the team work is always above and beyond expectations, and they are on hand to address any questions we have and provide best practice advice. The quality of content continues to be of the highest standard – carefully balancing brand messaging and addressing industry issues to create engaging content.”
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    Katharine Hulls

    VP Marketing | Celebrus Technologies

  • “ITPR has demonstrated a great track record of successful media relations which has bolstered Invu’s thought leadership voice in the vertical sectors we work in. For us, it is important that our PR activity reflects our business goals and ITPR's ability to address and meet these demands is testament to the benefits of PR.”

    Rob Thompson

    Marketing Manager | Invu

  • “ITPR identifies and delivers the right opportunities and helps us to drive awareness with the right journalists and publications so that there is a true understanding of what information we can provide, rather than just focusing on ‘who we are’.

    “The team have an excellent understanding of digital media and know how to create a plan that has the right mix of coverage, content, commentary and speaking opportunities so that it’s a total thought leadership approach – where each lever drives success.”

    Jason Grunberg

    Director of Content Marketing & Public Relations | Sailthru


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