Understanding Earned media

When considering the three elements of an Inbound PR campaign - Earned, Owned and Paid media - the idea of Earned media can be considered to be the most ‘traditional’ PR approach. 

Earned media is the organic recognition and exposure your business receives from having a team of professionals help to spread the word of your brand through press coverage or positive mentions in the media. Gaining authentic Earned media recognition is spurred on by the creation of high quality content, such as independent market research, case studies, blogs, thought leadership and press releases. 

Using these widely recognised methods is not to say it lacks any importance or benefits over the other elements of an Inbound PR campaign when wanting to raise your business profile - Earned media is a core part of any strategic PR plan.



“34% of senior business leaders in EMEA still rely on earned media to inform their buying decisions ahead of analyst reports and crowd sourced review sites. This presents a huge opportunity for businesses to influence the decisions of their target audiences."

David Beesley, Operations Director, ITPR


Maximising Earned media opportunities

Earning media recognition, and importantly trust, is essential when trying to raise brand awareness. Your target audience is looking for second opinions from credible sources - thought leaders - rather than making purchasing decisions based on industry news alone.

Continually creating new and engaging content targeted specifically at your Earned media channels will significantly increase your goal of maintaining a regular presence in the media. In a digital age where most information is consumed online, this means increasing the opportunity to drive readers back to your website, where you can encourage them to engage with you and your business further.


96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders

The start-up community has played a big part in knowledge sharing and businesses of all sizes are starting to realise the power of looking beyond their own industry walls.

Our Earned media campaigns support the leaders of your business through brand focused media coverage such as feature article placements, press mentions, reviews, social media mentions and sharing. In order to ensure your brand name and messaging is being reflected within your functioning industry, we help you define your Earned media channels and target them with relevant content that will resonate with their audience - your potential buyers - which is published online and/or in print magazines, or social media channels.

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70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads

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With the advancements in digital empowering the consumer, we now look for peer reviews on everything we are interested in purchasing to make an informed decision.

Using an established network of journalist contacts built up over decades of working in the B2B technology industry, our Earned media campaigns will enable you to be seen as a credible source of information within your industry, increasing your chances of reaching your audience.

Our strength lies in maximising the Earned media opportunities by strategically placing your thought leadership content. Then, once a piece of content has run its course in an Earned media campaign, we switch this to our Owned or Paid media campaign to provide even more value.

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How to write for the media

Writing for the media can be daunting for a business, especially when your understanding of what they are looking for is unclear. Focussing on your audience, knowing what a good news story looks like, and ensuring the structure of your content meets the requirements of your target media, will get you on your way to increasing your coverage.