International PR

‘UK & European PR for international companies’

The number of businesses marketing their products and services into new territories is growing by the day, so how can you make sure that your international marketing is effective? How do you know that the tried and trusted methods you have used at home are just as reliable in the country you target next?

No matter what you may have been told in the past, each country’s approach to B2B marketing is slightly different. Not all European markets are the same.

Over many years, we have dealt with hundreds of B2B technology companies trying to bring their products and services into the UK from abroad, or wanting to push from the UK into other territories. We have learned how to deal with the individual national media across Europe, the Middle East, the US, Australasia and Africa, and we are now engaged in understanding China & the Far East.

Over many years we have established approaches that work to allow companies coming into the UK to establish a foothold, grow and flourish. We are also highly capable in enabling companies from outside the UK make their first steps into the European market and helping them to avoid the potential pitfalls and problems that can slow the business down.

Coming to the UK and Europe from another continent can be a daunting prospect, so make sure you have some expert local guides to support you and the language support that you need to tackle so many different languages and cultures. We have a variety of European nationals on our team and they all have knowledge of their local markets that will be invaluable to you as you arrive here. We can help you to hit the ground running so you don’t waste time and effort and your messages and propositions are already being talked about ahead of your sales team touching down.