Tech PR Specialists

itpr 25 years

After 25 years of devising and managing PR campaigns for B2B technology companies, we believe we can justifiably say that we are Tech PR Specialists!

We have worked with many different clients of all shapes, sizes, turnovers and offerings – however one thing has always been a constant: technology. Be it the heart of the business offering or as consulting services to a specific technology product, every single one of our clients has a connection with technology.

It would be no exaggeration to say that we have had a client directly involved in almost every new facet of B2B technology over the last 25 years.

From retail technology to the IT channel, from manufacturing technologies to construction, from accounting software to data centres and biometric technologies  we have seen it all.

“Being in your twenties is great!”

25 Years in B2B Technology PR

Turning a quarter of a century was a major milestone for itpr – but if the rate of change in the internet era means that we should count in ‘dog years’ then 25 becomes 175! As Tech PR specialists, the experience and knowledge that we have gained over all these years enables us to assist and advise our clients on all things Tech PR related. We know from that experience what makes a great PR campaign and what things do and don’t work; we understand how to reach the right audiences and what turns them on and off. This expertise can only come through knowledge and understanding, gained through longevity in the market.

And still being in our twenties means that we are fresh, driven and enthusiastic, keen to embrace new technologies and methods to get your messages out there and hit your prospects with the right information at the right time. As Tech PR specialists we want to be a part of the latest and greatest PR trends, mixing up the traditional with the modern to get the best results. We will always ensure that you get the right mix of wisdom, knowledge, enthusiasm and drive to make your programmes and campaigns go further and get the best coverage.