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How to make content generation a simple process

By David Beesley

Content generation can be the bane of an Inbound Marketer’s life. We all know that content marketing is a vital part of any marketing campaign but with the volumes needed how can we motivate everyone to keep writing? Most staff see writing blogs as a chore and it can be time consuming. It evokes procrastination disorders such as psychotic desk cleaning hysteria as individuals put off writing that blog!

So where should marketers turn to rid themselves of this non-stop, all consuming, time draining nightmare that is content?

Armed with a laptop full of messaging ammo in one hand and a notepad shield in the other, the writing talents and targeting skills of Public Relations professionals can turn your team into content machines!

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Who better than those who are consumed with news all day to help inspire and write blogs that your customers want to read? PR tactics and expertise can also be deployed to take thought leadership material and repurpose it as short, sharp sound-bite comments and blogs which can then be used for media commentary for upcoming features or news hi-jacks. These then become part of the PR’s arsenal and, if carefully placed and targeted to point back to the company website, will drive interested visitors to follow those all-important “call to action” forms.

However, don’t just hand it over to the PR team. It is vital that marketing and PR work in tandem together. Yes, it is great to have a newsworthy blog created by the PR team but does it answer your customers’ questions, will it drive them to enquire for further information and is it optimised for your website?  It is vital that you have a template in place that enables this process to inspire creative thinking and incorporate key words for SEO purposes, key messaging from a marketing perspective and something of news value that your PR team can use. The right blog can be used, and reused, to drive value across your entire campaign. Now who wouldn’t want to do that? 

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