Digital PR

Digital PR sets about using all of the messaging and content created through the conventional PR programme development, but then takes advantage of all of the latest online digital PR platforms. It becomes a combination of activities that will drive interest in you, and therefore in your business, and in your website – which must be at the heart of all your marketing activities. Digital PR is also the primary way for you to engage with key journalists, bloggers and influencers.

From time to time we do come across companies that are sceptical of the value that social media can bring to their organisation. This is often coupled with a concern about ‘feeding’ these 24/7 social channels. We understand that you and your spokespeople have a ‘day job’ to do, and that even with the best of intentions it’s simply not practical for key individuals to tweet, post or blog every day. That’s where a PR consultancy can pay dividends for you. We use the content from the overall PR programme to build the level of knowledge within your website and so the domain authority of your website and to drive interested parties back to your site from Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

We take the pain out of managing a digital PR channel. By re-using and re-cutting approved material to produce Tweet banks, blogs and social media updates, the speed of approval and the number of posts can be dramatically increased, enabling us to ensure a continual flow of messaging and information from you to your prospects via a number of social channels. And it does not end there! All of this great content draws in more readers and pushes more of your visitors to other parts of the website to learn more about you and to read more about the business.