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ITPR B2B Tech PR Campaign Highlights of 2023

By David Beesley

ITPR's B2B Tech PR campaign highlights of 2023 

A review of the B2B Tech PR campaign successes that stuck in the minds of our team - moments to feel proud of.   

Not to be outdone by the countless articles that reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future - we wanted to take a moment to look at some of the highlights we’ve accomplished over the past 12 months.

Acquisitions, funding rounds, events (both trade shows, client events and our events), press days, interviews - the list goes on. It’s the classic ‘no two days are the same’ scenario mixed in with the familiar adage that unless you work in PR, no one will ever know what you do for a living.

So indulge us for a moment if you would, while we showcase the ITPR B2B Tech PR Campaign Highlights of 2023.


Breaking into new markets with Makip

Being an established business in your home country is a proud achievement. Taking that step to expand into new markets takes guts. This was the situation with online sizing technology specialist, Makip, who, after supporting the likes of Lacoste, Fred Perry and North Face in their home country of Japan, wanted to expand their service to the UK. 

After engaging ITPR, members of the Makip executive team planned to travel to London to meet potential customers and demonstrate their software - Unisize. Seeing an opportunity to make the most of this visit, we researched consumer opinion to give Makip a unique voice in the market and arranged to host a press day at Claridges Hotel. We arranged a series of exclusive journalist interviews during their visit to discuss the results of the research before they were published. 

Aside from the interviews resulting in four feature interviews in major Retail titles and the research generating 16 placements across Retail, Tech, eCommerce and Fashion titles - it was also a fantastic example of how a client/agency partnership can be strengthened. 

Makip continues its expansion into Europe and the USA, as it helps online fashion brands tackle the $38bn returns problem, as featured on MediaCoverage.com.

To find out more about the Makip PR Campaign, read our case study here


Getting the most from trade shows with Bentley Systems

Industry trade show events are a great opportunity to meet up and network. Not just with potential partners or existing customers, but also with the press. One great event of 2023 was Digital Construction Week where Bentley Systems had an impressive stand in a prime location as you entered the show. 

As a global provider of Infrastructure Engineering Software, this event is a key date in the UK digital infrastructure event calendar. Working closely with the UK&I events team and the US Communications team we secured 20 interviews with Bentley Executives, 14 of which took place over the two-day event with the remaining six taking place shortly afterwards. This generated 12 exclusive feature interviews as a direct result and hundreds of mentions/ interactions across social media. 

With more events on the schedule for 2024 - both their own and trade shows - we can expect another busy year providing on-the-ground UK event support for Bentley Systems. 


Scaling up with iplicit

One of our strengths is helping businesses go from ‘start-up’ to ‘scale-up’ and making sure that we can be flexible enough to support their growth. This means being realistic with what is achievable at the outset with the resources and budget available, but seizing opportunities when they arise to support the client. Taking calculated risks is part and parcel of the job, but when you do, make sure you put the effort in to make the risks pay off. 

This is what we did with true-cloud accounting provider, iplicit. When we first partnered iplicit was already an award-winning finance software provider, but the team wanted to branch out from the traditional Accounting/ Finance trade press and enter business titles and even national media. 

Not an uncommon ambition, but to use a football analogy - we needed to win the Championship before we started playing in the Premiership. What we mean by this is that we need to work towards establishing a client within the industry trade titles before pushing for consistent national coverage. 

So this is what we did! We set out at the start of the year to target Finance/ Accounting, Charity and Not-For-Profit and Business trade titles. However, as iplicit grew and expanded its service offering into new sectors, the team asked for a coordinated approach with PR. Without hesitation, we obliged and expanded our efforts to target Education and Tech titles. 

Over the course of 2023, we secured 69 total items of coverage 85% of which generated a backlink to the iplicit website. 

In 2024, we’ll be targeting those ‘Premiership’ national titles as we continue to support iplicit’s growth and disruption of the FinTech industry. Watch this space!


Newsjacking with Monta

Many of you reading this will know that the most successful PR campaigns use a mixture of content to achieve the organisation's communications objectives. In the case of the rapidly growing EV charge point provider, Monta, being able to respond quickly to trending news was a key tactic we used in 2023. 

Love them or loathe them, EV adoption is on the rise in the UK. As of the end of December 2023, it was reported that there are approximately 975,000 fully electric cars on UK roads. Nearly 315,000 battery-electric cars were registered in 2023, a growth of 18% on the number registered in 2022. 

When the UK government announced that they were extending the deadline to ban the sale of new ICE vehicles in September, we saw the perfect opportunity to hijack the national news agenda. 

Reacting quickly to this news and working with the Monta team to get a comment approved, the ITPR team secured two placements in a National publication giving our response to the Government’s change in policy.

Overall in 2023, we secured 80 placements, of which 71% were in VIP or Tier 1 media titles and four placements were secured in National titles.  

PR campaigns take a lot of planning and constructing good content takes time - but now and again there is a need to react fast. This is when great working partnerships come into their own.

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