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Five 'Must-Haves' for Your 2024 B2B Digital PR Plan

By David Beesley

Five 'Must-Haves' for Your 2024 B2B Digital PR Plan

Here we have put together five things that your PR plan for 2024 can’t afford to miss

The ever-evolving landscape of digital PR requires businesses to adapt and innovate continually. As 2023 draws to a close it's time to start thinking about your PR and content plan for the forthcoming year…

To stay competitive and reach your goals, there are five 'must-haves' that should be at the core of your 2024 digital PR and content strategy.


1. Data-Driven Decision Making

Data is the foundation of modern PR. In 2024, data-driven decision making is non-negotiable. Ensure you have robust analytics tools in place to gather and interpret customer data, website traffic, and campaign performance. 

This will help you identify trends, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and make informed decisions. The more you understand your audience's behaviour and preferences, the more effectively you can tailor your digital PR campaigns.

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2. Content Personalisation

Customers now not only like personalisation, they actually expect unique experiences, and so tailoring your content to specific customer challenges/ preferences is seriously key in 2024. 

Use customer data and advanced personalisation tools to create content that speaks directly to the needs and interests of each audience sector. 

Whether it's industry specific problems, unique product enhancements, website content or website experiences, personalisation is a game-changer for boosting engagement and conversions.

3. Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Sustainability and ethical purchasing continue to gain importance and this is set to continue in 2024. Consumers and businesses are more conscious than ever about where they spend their money, and they favour businesses with transparent and honest practices. 

Ask yourself whether you are planning to incorporate any sustainable practices into your business and can these be used as part of your content plan? Your commitment to sustainability and ethical practices can be a powerful tool in its own right - however be sure that this is not a tick-box exercise and that your business is committed to it.

4. Video Content Dominance

Video content continues to dominate how we prefer to consume content, and it is becoming cheaper to create good video content. Your 2024 digital PR and content  plan should include video content. From short, engaging social media videos to in-depth webinars and live streams, video is a versatile tool for storytelling and engagement. 

Video is already an essential ingredient in the digital mix, with almost three-quarters of consumers, 72%, preferring video to text for receiving branded marketing information, according to HubSpot Research earlier this year.

And it’s only set to soar even more in 2024 with video streaming estimated to account for 91% of global internet traffic by 2024.

5. Omnichannel Marketing

In 2024 shows no sign of slowing down how your audience will interact with your brand with more channels and devices entering the consumer market. To keep up, you must implement an omnichannel approach to your digital PR and content strategy. 

Ensure that your messaging is consistent and seamless across all touchpoints, whether it's in the media, your website, social channels or your email marketing. A holistic approach helps build brand trust, enhances customer experience, and maximises the impact of your core brand messages.

2024 will be another year of  ever-evolving change, with generative AI being used for content, graphic design and who knows what else.  To thrive in this environment, start planning now to make 2024 your best year yet!


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