Because YOU are the one that matters!

You are an app developer or an IT systems integrator. You are an IT consultancy or a hardware vendor.

Maybe you are a web developer, software author or a systems reseller? Whatever you do, you love IT.

So do we. So tell us about you and what your needs are. We get technology and we love doing tech PR!


You want to increase your sales

Getting media exposure makes it easier for your team to sell.

We get it and we know how to make it happen.

We hold true to the belief that building relationships with media influencers and creating high-quality content is the key to good PR, brand awareness and engaging potential customers.


You want a digital PR campaign

You know that in order to reach your potential customers, you need to be active across all media platforms: online, offline, social and mobile.

Good PR uses all of your messaging and content and maximises its reach across online media by engaging with key journalists, bloggers, influencers and most importantly, your prospects.

You want international PR support

Every country’s approach to PR is slightly different.

We help businesses from outside of the UK to launch and make an impact in the British media. We also promote our clients into the US media and across the rest of Europe.


We only do B2B Tech PR

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Top tips for briefing your new PR Consultancy

Whether you are considering a change from your existing agency or engaging with a PR Consultancy for the first time, getting the brief right is vital to getting off on the right foot and for laying the foundation for a long and sustainable partnership.

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What people say...

  • “ITPR identifies and delivers the right opportunities and helps us to drive awareness with the right journalists and publications so that there is a true understanding of what information we can provide, rather than just focusing on ‘who we are’.

    “The team have an excellent understanding of digital media and know how to create a plan that has the right mix of coverage, content, commentary and speaking opportunities so that it’s a total thought leadership approach – where each lever drives success.”

    Jason Grunberg

    Director of Content Marketing & Public Relations | Sailthru

  • “ITPR has demonstrated a great track record of successful media relations which has bolstered Invu’s thought leadership voice in the vertical sectors we work in. For us, it is important that our PR activity reflects our business goals and ITPR's ability to address and meet these demands is testament to the benefits of PR.”

    Rob Thompson

    Marketing Manager | Invu

  • “On the day-to-day account running, the teamwork is always above and beyond expectations; they are always on hand to address any questions we have and provide best practice advice. The quality of content continues to be of the highest standard – carefully balancing brand messaging and addressing industry issues to create engaging content.”

    Katharine Hulls

    VP Marketing | Celebrus Technologies