The Brief:

iplicit is a cloud-based Accounting software tailored for organisations that have outgrown entry-level accounting software, and the frustrated on-premise legacy software user.

In the competitive landscape of accounting financial technology (FinTech), iplicit sought to differentiate itself and establish a strong market presence in a hugely disrupted and competitive industry. 

iplicit aimed to increase brand recognition, its visibility and to position its key executives as thought leaders, driving adoption of its cutting-edge finance software within the highly competitive FinTech sector. Alongside this, iplicit wanted support launching into new markets including the education, channel and care home sectors.

The Campaign:

iplicit sought a strategic PR partner to position its spokespeople as prominent thought leaders, providing assistance in crafting compelling messaging and creating newsworthy stories whilst being relatively new and unknown to the market. 

This involved active engagement with crucial media verticals like finance, accounting, housing, and non-profit publications, strategically placing industry-focused content within these targeted outlets.

Collaborating with iplicit, ITPR crafted and executed a comprehensive PR campaign that not only elevated iplicit's brand awareness but also positioned its finance software solutions as industry-leading.

The focus of the campaign centred on establishing brand awareness by implementing a robust media engagement strategy. 

ITPR embarked on a mission to elevate the profiles of iplicit's key spokespeople as thought leaders, developing a strategic campaign plan. 

ITPR forged a close working relationship with iplicit's marketing team to ensure that all PR content was integrated with iplicit’s internal marketing campaigns and plan. The content was further amplified through social media channels and integrated into sales and marketing activities to effectively drive website traffic.

To supplement the initial outreach and make an impact, iplicit produced a piece of market research that targeted 1,000 UK-based finance professionals who use financial accounting software as part of their daily job function/ responsibility to understand their views and opinions.

Taking the findings from the market research report, ITPR produced unique, topical headlines that were used to gain coverage and raise the media profile of iplicit’s C-suite. 

These short, punchy, and provocative news headlines not only helped explain the findings from the market research, but they formed part of a wider media engagement campaign to create newsworthy press releases that could be pitched and secured in several key media titles. The media engagement strategy helped to tell the story of iplicit’s growth, increasing the awareness of the iplicit brand.

The ITPR team also used the views and opinions expressed in the report to create short media comments and opinion articles that investigated the research trends, providing an expert point of view on the findings and building towards a more considered thought leadership campaign. 

The Results:

The campaign significantly enhanced iplicit's brand recognition within the Accounting, FinTech industry, as well as business press. The company's brand became synonymous with innovation and thought leadership.

Key executives were recognised as thought leaders in finance technology and business media, as well as in new key vertices in the education, channel and care home space, securing exclusive interviews, and both podcast and radio interviews, to further solidify iplicit’'s position as an authority in the field.

By elevating iplicit’s presence in both national and industry-specific B2B media outlets, we successfully obtained a significant share of voice within our target media publications.

  • 69 total items of coverage in 12 months
  • 96% of coverage in VIP/ Tier A titles
  • 85% of coverage generated a backlink to the client’s website
  • Live Radio coverage with BETT Radio
  • 62 average domain authority

Client Testimonial

  • “ITPR always goes the extra mile. They are proactive and always coming to us with creative ideas, opportunities and suggestions. We feel they really understand us and what we want to achieve and are right there with us helping us get there. We truly feel we are always at the forefront of their mind and appreciate all their support and strategic advice!”

    Tracy Payne

    Marketing Manager at iplicit