Social and
Digital PR

Digital PR… Social Media PR… Tweeting… Blogging… Facebook… LinkedIn… YouTube…

Does the list ever end?!

Just knowing what all these terms and networks are can be enough work, without assessing their marketing value – if any – to your brand. And then if you do decide to use them, how do you keep it all current?!

Actually, Digital PR and Social Media PR are simple – they’re just other ways to get your messages in front of your prospects. They just need to be understood and have content, including video, created and managed for the individual channels and communities.

We deliberately do not have a single digital or social media specialist, or even a bolt-on team, who is brought into client engagements when required – instead, we believe that you cannot be an effective PR person without social media and digital skills. Therefore, we take particular care to ensure that everyone on your account team understands the latest digital PR trends and how they relate to your individual social media PR strategy, ensuring you always have the best possible advice available.

Have a look here at examples of our work with current clients to see how we ensure that our activity ties in with and compliments social media strategies, improves online profiles and enables our clients to engage with new communities and individuals.