Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultancy

Search marketing and the influence of Google and to a lesser extent other search engines, is based around the need to ensure that Google understands your company, your products and your services. If Google does not understand them, it is unlikely that people will be drawn to your website through search. Therefore, excellent search marketing comes from clearly explaining your company product and services through your website in a structured manner correctly using the meta tags on-page headers and content, and relevant external links. You better be sure you’re getting some good advice, because Google spends all of its time refining and changing its algorithm. What is true today about search marketing is certainly different from six months ago, and significantly different from a year ago.

On average Google makes 500 changes to its algorithm a year, that’s two updates per working business day. All of these changes refine the manner in which you will be found by Google and where you will list in the organic rankings.