The Ultimate Guide to SEO PR and Backlinking

Using search engines has become the norm when it comes to answering general questions. Some say it's the death of 'pub talk' because as soon as a question is asked that isn't known, someone invariably reaches into their pocket for their phone and 'googles it'. 

This dominance of search engines in our daily lives means that search engine optimisation (SEO) cannot be ignored when building and scaling a businesses. 

So, how can SEO PR and backlinks help your business?

Effective SEO help to improve a brand's online visibility for the website and specific webpages. Online visibility is essential as the more visible a website is the more traffic it receives. More traffic means, more potential customers, more leads, more sales, more success.

To explain how good PR can be used for SEO, we have created a short eBook that guides you through SEO PR. It provides tips for SEO PR best practice that you can implement in your business!

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A sneak peek of our eBook...

The problem with keywords is that it seems all too easy to stuff a piece of content with the same phrase over and over again with a goal to make your page rank higher.

That’s because it is too easy.

Also known as ‘keyword stuffing’, search engine providers know when you’re trying to fool them and will punish those that do this by pushing them lower down search rankings.

Producing content that looks like it’s been written by a robot, or even has been written by a robot, is also a big no.

The best approach is to make it unique, organic and engaging - as it should be.

You can do this by focusing on just one or two terms and creating a compelling piece of content that people actually want to read.