Press Release Template

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in your first job after university, we feel it's always better to have something to work from rather than staring at a blank piece of paper.

Which is why we've created a press release template for you to download and use yourself. 

Every business will have it's own corporate style when it comes to creating content for the media, but not everyone in the business will understand how to write for the media.

This template has been created by our in-house journalists to provide an example of how you can use the five W's to tell your story.

To download your free copy, simply complete the form for immediate access.

Download Template

If you download this template you will have:

  • Advice on how to create a press release that engages the media and increases your chances of getting your news published.
  • A template you can use to educate your staff/ colleagues.
  • A reference guide to make sure you are covering all the bases when creating a press release.
  • A document that you can brand with your company logo and use as an example of best practice.
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