Internal Communication Stakeholder Mapping Tool

If you’re looking for ways to improve on how your organisation speaks with, listens to and engages its employees - then download our Stakeholder Mapping Tool.

A Stakeholder Map will provide you with a clear picture of who has the greatest interest and impact on your internal communication strategy. 

Or perhaps you already have an Internal Communications strategy and you’re looking for ways to improve it. 

Either way, you need to know who has an influence on the internal communication of your organisation - who influences your employees and equally, how you can influence them.

This is where stakeholder mapping comes into play.

Are you able to identify the influence and interest that stakeholders have on your Internal Comms activity?

Download our Stakeholder Mapping Tool

This Stakeholder Mapping Tool will help you:

  • Categorise stakeholders based on their influence and interest
  • Identify key stakeholders and business areas to focus on
  • Identify essential ways in which to communicate to them
  • Support undertaking an Internal Communication Audit
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An explainer as to why our Internal Communication Stakeholder Mapping Tool is important...

Getting Internal Communication right is mission critical for any organisation, regardless of size, industry, sector, or location. By correctly categorising the stakeholders in your business based on their influence and interest, you are able to identify where you need to channel your focus and how you can start to communicate with them. This in turn will support message and content creation as well as selecting the correct channel of communication.

Stakeholder Mapping is also an important tool to support the creation and delivery of an Internal Communication audit as it forces you to consider how to communicate with those hard to reach stakeholders.