Founded in 1997, Invu develops Electronic Document Management (eDM), Accounts Payable (AP) and Purchase Order Processing (POP) solutions for  sectors such as hospitality, public housing, financial services, transport & logistics and propert management..


The Challenge

The ITPR team were challenged to develop a six-month strategic campaign plan to support the announcement of Invu’s Purchase Order Processing solution and raise the profile of Invu within the Housing and Property Management sectors..

Invu also asked ITPR to develop a plan that would increase website traffic and to increase the opportunities to engage with early stage prospects.


The Solution

The team set out  to build the profile of Invu’s key spokespeople as thought leaders by engaging with key media verticals such as finance, accounting,  housing and property publications by placing industry focussed content within these targeted media verticals.

ITPR also ensured that all PR content was re-purposed for use on the Invu website supported by the latest  SEO best practice, social media amplification and sales and marketing activities to drive website traffic.

Client Testimonial

  • “ITPR has demonstrated a great track record of successful media relations which has bolstered Invu’s thought leadership voice in the vertical sectors we work in. For us, it is important that our PR activity reflects our business goals and ITPR’s ability to address and meet these demands is testament to the benefits of PR.”
    Celebrus ITPR.jpg

    Rob Thompson

    Marketing Manager | Invu

  • “Aside from being professional, honest and timely, the ITPR team are also a valued support to the Invu media and communications team by providing consultation and advice which has made a significant impact as to the success of our PR campaigns.”

    Rob Thompson

    Marketing Manager | Invu