Inbound Marketing Consultancy

The marketing world has changed dramatically and many traditional marketing approaches are no longer producing the returns on investment they used to. Business people today are just too busy between 9am and 5pm to be interrupted by telemarketers. Outbound interruptive marketing, advertising, direct mail and unsolicited email is reducing in effectiveness all the time.

This calls for a new approach to marketing. Inbound marketing puts your website at the heart of your marketing activity and focusses your efforts on driving your potential customers to it. As they learn more about your company and appreciate you understand their market and ‘get’ their problems, they realise you're the right people to deal with and request you approach them to do business. 

Why is your website so important?

Because it meets your prospects before you do. According to current research in B2B markets, the sales cycle is often well over 50% complete by the time your sales person speaks to the prospect.  

The prospect has already formed a view of your organisation prior to engaging with you. The content on your website – what you are saying about yourself and your services – will play a major part in shaping their decision making process. 

Therefore, your website needs to be set up to engage with people outside business hours. A busy executive may do their research into a new supplier from home, at the weekend, or in the evenings. They have a day job which keeps them busy 9-5, so your website needs to be there to engage with them, to show them what you do and how you do it 24/7! 

The concept of inbound marketing, first coined by Brian Halligan, Chief Executive of is based on the fact that people will come to you in their own time, day or night, and engage with your website before they engage with you.

You can influence this through a variety of routes: from a great presence on search engines, to being active with blogs, or on social media through LinkedIn profiles and groups as well as Twitter and (if you are a B2C company) Facebook.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Management

Marketing automation includes activities such as prospect tracking, email database and list management, landing page generation, calls to action, thank you pages generation, detailed analytics and ROI calculation.
All of these activities take a lot of time, expertise and people-power, so using a specialist agency to manage this on your behalf can be a cost-effective and efficient option. 
Lead Nurturing Services

Lead Nurturing Services

Lead nurturing and lead scoring are all parts of the modern marketing automation programmes which sit behind an effective website. All prospects are unique and will be ready to engage with your organisation at different points in their decision making process.
A well structured lead nurture and scoring pathway will ensure you engage with your prospects at a time that is right for them. 
B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Services

Sales lead generation in today's market has to move on from the ‘bow and arrow’ approach of 'hitting the phones' in order to reach your prospect’s strategic buyers. Today, more than ever you have to embrace the web and start to use good quality content on your website to bring new business leads to you.

HubSpot Consultancy

HubSpot Consultancy

HubSpot is the fastest growing inbound marketing and marketing automation software platform and itpr's sister company, The B2B Marketing Lab is the first and only HubSpot Diamond Partner in the UK, with several years of experience in building and implementing successful inbound marketing programs on behalf of B2B organisations.

The B2B Marketing Lab

Our Inbound Marketing services are provided in conjunction with our sister organisation The B2B Marketing Lab