How does Inbound Marketing work with PR?

You might be asking yourself, why do you need Inbound Marketing Consultancy when you’re engaging with PR consultancy? For years marketing and PR were kept as separate disciplines, departments and budgets, but the Inbound Marketing revolution changed this relationship and PR became the ‘cherry’ to put on top of a strategic Inbound Marketing campaign ‘cake’.

B2B Inbound PR has changed the rules again and is now a key ingredient to an Earned, Owned and Paid media strategy. Building a successful campaign that targets your audience across multiple touch points requires an understanding of how Inbound PR and Inbound Marketing can work alongside each other to fuel your lead enquiries and overall sales process.

We provide Inbound PR and Marketing consultancy to build effective B2B Inbound strategies, putting your website at the heart of your activity. We focus efforts on creating new and engaging content which we promote through Earned, Owned and Paid media channels with the goal to drive relevant traffic to your website.  

By building trust and reputation through an Inbound PR campaign that positions your business and spokespeople as authoritative voices in targeted media, as well as fuelling your Inbound Marketing efforts by creating and repurposing engaging content, we can turn your website into an extension of your marketing team that operates 24/7/365 to attract an audience, nurture them into prospects and move them to a point where they are ready to be contacted by your sales team.

Our Inbound Marketing Consultancy can help you understand how to build trust with your audiences.

Content Creation

Content is the undisputed king in the world of Inbound PR and our campaigns generate content in abundance - market leadership, blogs, feature articles, eBooks etc. Our Inbound PR & Marketing Consultants can advise you on how to get the most out of your content to raise awareness, create impact and drive engagement through your website.

PR of the future

Inbound PR campaigns increase the number of high value websites driving traffic and leads to your website, boosting your online reputation through consistent earned media placements. Repurposing Earned media content on your Owned and Paid media channels increases results and ROI even further than just traditional PR.

Effective Reporting

Using digital metrics like website traffic, referral traffic, source traffic, social following, SEO ranking and lead conversion rates - you have the data to accurately track the success of an Inbound PR campaign. We can help you identify the impact of Inbound PR through attributing traffic spikes or goal conversions to Earned media links in your key media titles.

Do you want to convert Inbound PR generated website visits into leads?

Then speak to us about Inbound Marketing Consultancy

There are many different software platforms available to build and manage your Inbound Marketing campaign, but we has developed a close partnership with HubSpot as our preferred partner and, practicing when we preach, we use the HubSpot platform for our own campaigns.

With an understanding of the HubSpot platform and the Inbound Marketing methodology our Inbound PR and Marketing Consultants are able to provide expert advice on how to integrate your PR campaigns into an Inbound Marketing strategy based upon real experience - not just what has been read in books or on a website. We have practical knowledge and experience of how to get a campaign off the ground and to generate leads.

We can help with:

  • Content strategy
    Create a consistent message across your Earned, Owned and Paid media platforms and get your business seen by a wider audience.
  • Website build and optimisation
    We can help you build a new website and optimise the extra traffic we drive to the website by carrying out a complete website SEO audit.  
  • Media support for Inbound PR
    Our media relations specialists will help you to create an Earned, Owned and Paid media strategy to get your business noticed in the press, drive more traffic to your website, generate more downloads, generate more leads and give you the potential to create more sales.