What is Inbound Marketing?

The concept of Inbound Marketing was first coined by Brian Halligan, Chief Executive of HubSpot.com, and is based on the fact that people will come to you in their own time, day or night, and engage with your website before they engage with you. And especially before they engage with a sales person.

According to research in B2B markets, the sales cycle is often well over 70% complete by the time your sales person speaks to the prospect.  

Your prospects will have already formed a view of your organisation prior to engaging with you. The content on your website – what you are saying about yourself and your services – will play a major part in shaping their decision making process.

Therefore, your website needs to be set up to engage with people outside business hours. A busy executive may do their research into a new supplier from home, at the weekend, or in the evenings. They have a day job which keeps them busy 9:00am-5:00pm, so your website needs to engage them, and show what you do and how you do it - 24/7!


How does PR fit into Inbound Marketing?

The world of PR and marketing has changed so dramatically in recent years, that many traditional marketing approaches are no longer producing the returns on investment they used to. This is why a different approach to PR & marketing is needed. An approach to PR that isn’t just siloed into its own discipline, but instead influences and impacts on marketing and sales.

B2B marketing has evolved from the days when a team of telemarketers used to cold call potential prospects. People are too busy doing their day job between 9:00am and 5:00pm to be interrupted by telemarketers. Outbound interruptive marketing, advertising, direct mail and unsolicited email has been in decline for years, and its effectiveness is continuing to decline.

Our PR campaigns work in tandem with marketing and sales, especially when partnered alongside a UK Inbound Marketing campaign. Effective B2B Inbound Marketing involves putting your website at the heart of your marketing activity and focusing your efforts on creating new and engaging content. As your website visitors learn more about your business, that you understand their marketplace and that you ‘get’ the problems/challenges they are facing, they realise that you are the right people to deal with and request you approach them to do business.

Inbound Marketing aims to attract potential clients to you, without using intrusive methods. 

Content Creation

Content is the undisputed king in the world of marketing, and our B2B Technology PR campaigns generate content in abundance - which will prove crucial to any Inbound Marketing consultancy that is managing your website.

Thought leadership articles, blogs, media coverage, case studies, eBooks - all of this content can be generated through a PR campaign and then used for Inbound Marketing and hosted on your website.  

Marketing Automation

Inbound Marketing and the management of marketing automation includes activities such as prospect tracking, email database and list management, landing page generation, call to action creation, thank you page generation, detailed analytics, and ROI calculation.

All of these activities, and more, take a lot of time, expertise and people-power, so using a specialist Inbound Marketing consultancy to manage this on your behalf can be a cost-effective and highly productive option.

Lead Generation

Is your website an online version of your service and product brochure? 

B2B sales lead generation in today's market has moved on from the 'bow and arrow' approach of 'hitting the phones' in order to reach your prospect’s strategic buyers. Today, more than ever, you have to embrace the Web and start to use good quality content on your website to bring new business leads to you.

Our sister company - The B2B Marketing Laboratory - and Inbound Marketing Consultancy is the UK’s first and only Diamond HubSpot partner in London. They have built an understanding of the HubSpot platform and the Inbound Marketing methodology over more than five years, to the point where they provide exceptional insights, consultancy, training and support to anyone that needs HubSpot.

The collaboration between the two brands allows us to provide independent guidance and advice. Below is a little more information about the services The B2B Marketing Laboratory provides.

To find out more about the B2B Marketing Lab and speak to a member of the team, feel free to book a consultation!