HubSpot is the fastest growing Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation software platform, providing tools to make it easier to manage your online Inbound Marketing campaigns. HubSpot helps reduce the pain of using multiple tools for a number of different PR & marketing purposes, and also means that all of your PR & marketing is kept in one place, with one view. 

However, as easy as HubSpot is to navigate from a user perspective, there is a lot going on. With so many tools available, from email marketing and lead nurturing, through to sales document management and pipeline forecasting, you need to ensure that HubSpot is working for you. 

Why use HubSpot over other marketing tools? 

Well, according to an MIT report in 2017, companies using HubSpot's Growth Stack achieved the following results within one year of using the tool:



More visitors per month 


More leads per month 


Of customers saw an increase in sales revenue

London-based HubSpot consultancy, and ITPR's sister company, The B2B Marketing Lab, is the only HubSpot Diamond Partner in London, with several years of experience in building and implementing successful Inbound Marketing programs on behalf of B2B organisations.

The B2B Marketing Lab builds bespoke HubSpot programs focused on creating high quality content designed to drive interest, attract leads, and build your sales lead pipeline.

The team has a range of London based HubSpot consultants and experts who can advise on developing an integrated HubSpot program, which contains the following services: 

HubSpot Training and Consultancy

The B2B Marketing Lab runs monthly HubSpot training sessions at our offices in central London. From beginner and advanced training courses for HubSpot's Marketing software, to training on HubSpot's Sales & CRM tools - these sessions are fantastic for anyone looking for hands-on, face-to-face training. In addition, our team also offers bespoke consultancy sessions which really focus on your marketing needs.

HubSpot Support

If you are a current HubSpot user, or perhaps looking to implement HubSpot in the near future, HubSpot support packages can help you get up and running and improve your use of the tool. 

Whether you are looking for deliverable-based support, or simply just a bucket of hours that you can use, The B2B Marketing Lab is here to help! 

HubSpot Web Design

Are you looking for a new website? The team at The B2B Marketing Lab specialises in building websites that drive sales lead enquiries, ensuring your website acts as an extended member of your marketing and sales team. In addition, they focus on the Growth Driven Design method of building websites, which allows your website to grow over time, as opposed to traditional web design, which typically involves one large lump sum cost and a lengthy build time.

HubSpot Implementation

Looking to implement HubSpot in the near future? HubSpot is a huge tool full of fantastic features, but as with any software implementation, it's always beneficial to be working with someone who's done it before many times over. The B2B Marketing Lab team can handle the implementation for you, or simply be there to hold your hand and guide you through the process!