How to Get Your Blogging Off The Ground

Creating and optimising your business’ Owned media content can be a difficult task. Without proper planning and strategic objectives, your Owned media can quickly become a source of ineffective content which amounts to nothing more than a regular brain dump.

As developing and managing your Owned media continues to increase in importance within a well-rounded Inbound PR campaign, understanding how to create strategically planned content in a way which will benefit your business is essential.

In this eBook you will learn things such as how buyer personas are your guiding light to a successful blogging campaign, and the importance of SEO for your Owned media. Alongside this you will learn:

  • The benefits of an Owned media campaign
  • How to choose blog topics
  • How to map out a blogging schedule
  • What the key elements of a blog are

You will also receive:

  • A blogging template
  • A three-month blogging schedule template
  • A social media drafting template


To download your free blogging pack, simply complete the form for immediate access.