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    We are unrivalled specialists
    in B2B Technology PR...

    Experts at converting tech
    jargon into business benefits.

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    We have the
    expertise to plan,
    implement and
    manage your
    Inbound Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation & Pay-per-Click
    We have the expertise
    to define your SEO & PPC strategy,
    create suitable content and dramatically
    boost your search performance.
  • Social Media Management
    We 'get' social media -
    its use, its management and
    how best to derive value from it.
    It really isn't as scary as it looks!


B2B Technology 

itpr has been experts in B2B Tech PR for over two decades. We ensure that the effect of B2B PR permeates throughout the whole of your sales and marketing programme.

Find out what B2B PR can do to help your business.


PR &
Inbound Marketing

The Marketing world has changed dramatically. Outbound, interruptive marketing is producing increasingly poor returns on investment.

Find out how the right combination of PR & Inbound Marketing can help your business. 



Search &
PPC Management

What has PR got to do with search? Google has to understand your company, your products and your services.

Discover how you can implement a lead generating Search and/or PPC campaign without breaking the bank.


Most Rated Agency by
PR Week


PR Week surveyed 1,400 journalists and asked them to rate the top 30 tech PR agencies on a number of factors: quality of stories, quality of briefings, friendliness and accessibility.

itpr was rated as number one in three of the four categories and put itpr at the top of the overall rankings - making us the favourite agency of tech journalists! 

PR - The essential resource for any Inbound Marketing campaign.

Learn how we can help you to be on top of any Inbound Marketing campaign.

Download our latest eBook to explore:
  • How to build the right campaign content  
  • How the PR role is changing  
  • How accurate measurement will clearly show ROI 

What’s it all about?


This year saw the first ever Global Inbound Marketing Week. To support this week of events and activity, itpr ran an open house Clinic in London in conjunction with HubSpot. As part of this session our Chief Exec, Bob delivered a presentation on the journey of PR and Marketing over the last 20 years and the lessons that have been learned. Verity, our Marketing Manager also provided an in-depth demonstration of the HubSpot software and how it can drive a modern Inbound Marketing programme. 


We are growing!

We are currently looking for ambitious & enthusiastic people to join our PR, Marketing and Digital Analyst teams. 

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