B2B Tech PR Experts

After 20 years of devising and managing B2B tech PR campaigns for B2B technology companies, we believe we can justifiably say that we are the experts!

Over those two decades, itpr has seen a number of changes to B2B PR and marketing trends, and the advent of countless new B2B technologies. It would be no exaggeration to say that we have had a client directly involved in almost every new facet of B2B technology of the last 20 years, and have been able to not only translate the jargon into business benefits, but also increase that client’s profile, and ultimately, sales.

But we are particularly proud of the fact that we are a consultancy, not merely an agency. We ensure that our activities and outputs are not limited to media coverage and therefore restricted in their value. Instead, we help our clients maximise their investment with us by ensuring that the ripples from the effect of B2B PR permeate throughout the whole of sales and marketing – from direct marketing and telemarketing to providing downloadable material for our clients’ websites and improving their SEO.

See below for details of our specific B2B PR competencies, or click here for arguably the more important page – the one that shows you how PR works in practice and has helped other B2B technology organisations, just like your own…

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