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Eight steps to Inbound PR success

By Roxanne Asare

2019 is well and truly underway as we fast approach the end of February. While the time has passed to really get stuck into those hopeful New Year resolutions, it’s never too late to rethink your PR strategy and adopt an Inbound approach.

In last month’s webinar our CEO and Operations Director explained just what the hell Inbound PR is, where it came from and the four pillars (Earned, Owned, Paid and Shared media) it encompasses. If you aren’t familiar with Inbound PR – fear not, if you can access the on-demand webinar here.

How to implement Inbound PR 

Building a PR campaign using Earned, Owned, Paid and Shared media channels is key to adopting an Inbound PR strategy, but knowing when or how to implement each aspect may be the uphill struggle you’re currently facing.

In our second webinar of the year, our CEO and Operations Director, Bob and David, are back again, this time sharing their knowledge on the eight key steps you need to take to implement Inbound PR. The webinar takes you through the following steps:

  1. Campaign goal setting
  2. Defining buyer personas
  3. Understanding the buyer persona journey
  4. Creating strategic content plans
  5. How to effectively promote your content
  6. How to carry out Inbound focused media relations
  7. Ways to nurture the media
  8. Measuring your results

What else will you get from the webinar?

The aim of our webinar series is to increase the understanding of Inbound PR by sharing our experience and providing some practical advice. You can register for the on-demand version of the webinar here – Implementing an Inbound PR Campaign.

Not only will you hear practical advice to implementing an Inbound PR campaign, you can also get full access to the slide deck following the webinar.

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